Facebook bans Mark Zuckerberg, the attorney, not the founder

Mike Wehner

An attorney in Indianapolis is Facebook-free after being banned from the social network for sharing the name of its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The lawyer's Facebook woes are already well-documented, and in order to obtain his own social network page he had to go to such lengths as sending copies of his driver's license and birth certificate to Facebook's offices. He even went through the trouble of setting up a website to explain his unusual identity crisis.

When his account was deleted, the less-famous Zuckerberg inquired as to why the social network had given him the axe. Facebook representatives told him the reason was "false identity." The attorney notes that even while his account was up, his experience wasn't that of a typical Facebook user, and he would commonly receive hundreds of friend requests each day from people who just wanted Mark Zuckerberg on their friends lists.

The law-minded Zuckerberg isn't exactly hard to verify as being a real person. He's written several books on law topics and has his own law office specializing in bankruptcy. Still, that wasn't enough for Facebook's scrutinizing eye, and it took some time away from policing millions of underage users to erase Mark's account, an error that the attorney is hopeful will be resolved in short order.


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