Facebook working on redesign of unpopular “Timeline” feature

This hasn't exactly been Facebook's year — its stock price has been in a tailspin since it went public on Friday, and the new Timeline profile look has been universally panned. It may be tough turning around the cratering stock price, but Facebook isn't helpless when it comes to Timeline. And indeed, it seems the social media giant is taking a stab at redesigning the controversial feature.

The changes to Timeline are rather subtle. In the new version, your name, job, education history, and location will be superimposed over the cover picture in white, rather than displayed below it as is currently the case. The look is a lot more streamlined, and while there's no guarantee that it'll assuage the displeasure over Timeline, there's something to be said for increasing visual appeal.

This new feature is only being tested, there's no way to know when it will go live for everyone — if it ever goes live. Will a new version of Timeline help rescue Facebook's plummeting stock value? Probably not. But turning around public opinion on Timeline would be a great first step.

[Image credit: Carl Franzen]


This article was written by Fox Van Allen (Twitter) and originally appeared on Tecca

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