Fiat pulls epic prank on Volkswagen rivals using Google Street View

Mike Wehner, Tecca

If there's one thing we can say about European car makers, it's that most of them seem to have a great sense of humor. Nowhere is this more apparent than on a trip past Volkswagen's Swedish headquarters in Google Street View, where rival auto brand Fiat took the liberty of parking its flagship 500 model right in front of the company's entrance.

Fiat's Swedish base of operations is just 45 minutes away from the VW building, so the prank wouldn't have taken very long to pull off, but just how Fiat knew that Google Street View was in the area is a mystery. But judging by past pre-planned Street View gags, it's clear that once someone spots the car, word travels fast.

Of course, some people are suggesting that the sighting is a rather humorous coincidence, since dozens of vehicles likely roll past Volkswagen's front door every day. However, if you continue following the Street View trail as it makes its way past the building, the Fiat driver clearly has the Google car in his sights, pulling away from the building and following the vehicle for several more shots until abruptly disappearing.

Whatever the case, Volkswagen will have to deal with its new role as a virtual Fiat showroom for at least a year, as that's typically how often Google updates its Street View images. What do you think: Was it an epic prank, or a mere coincidence?

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