Fire-breathing Lego dragon might not be parent approved, but it sure is cool

Mike Wehner, Tecca
Technology News Blog

If there's one skill I've truly never been able to grasp, it's making original art from Legos. For me, setting out to make an awesome Lego creation usually yields some sort of misshapen car or boat... thing. Aaron Amatnieks clearly doesn't have this same problem, and his Flickr account is absolutely chock-full of amazing works of Lego art. His latest piece of plastic perfection is not only one of his most impressive, it's also decidedly the most dangerous. Its a dragon named Firestorm, and the beast certainly lives up to that moniker, spouting real flame from its gaping jaws.

Firestorm is a custom design by Amatnieks, and despite not working from any pre-made directions or guide, it looks an order of magnitude better than most retail Lego creations on the market. The mighty dragon uses a modified barbeque igniter to generate its very real flame. Never letting the flame burn too long is the secret to keeping Firestorm's plastic jaws intact, and preventing a melty mess.

Amatnieks' other Lego masterpieces are mighty impressive as well, including a piece that incorporates actual water to form a Lego lagoon. He's explored the use of water in his Lego sculptures multiple times, so it will be interesting to see whether additional creations will explore the use of fire in the same way.

[via Laughing Squid]

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