Girl Scout badges go high-tech

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Boy Scouts recently got a green update to their uniforms, and now their Girl Scouts counterparts are getting a modern update as well: the group's iconic badge system has gotten an overhaul for the first time in 25 years. Yes, girls can still earn badges for first aid, fitness, and cooking, but now they can also earn badges called Computer Expert, Digital Movie Maker, and Locavore.

Badges aren't just for simply learning a skill anymore, either. A revamped Fashion, Fitness and Makeup badge is now called the Science of Style, and goes much deeper than how things look to focus on the science behind things like sunscreen and perfume. The Product Designer badge encourages girls to look more closely at the things they use every day and think about the functionality of design. Life skills such as financial literacy are also highlighted in the new badges.

Girl Scouts of the USA spokeswoman Alisha Niehaus explained in an interview that the Girl Scouts themselves helped to develop the new badges, which provide an even broader experience for the young women involved in the group. Having such a wide variety of activities encourages girls to try new things and learn skills that will enrich their lives. "You can make your Girl Scouting experience what you want it to be," she says. Maybe one of today's Girl Scouts will grow up to be the next Ada Lovelace.

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This article was written by Katherine Gray and originally appeared on Tecca

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