Guitar messenger bag joins ranks of playable oddities


Not content to listen to chocolate records or strum your acoustic guitar at home? Geek gear gurusThinkGeek, long a purveyor of playable clothing, have introduced a playable messenger bag that will fulfill all your dreams of rock stardom. Or at least allow you to rock out on the subway (or in the school hallways), much to the certain delight of your fellow commuters.

The Electric Rock Guitar Bag features a fiery guitar on the front, and if you strum your thumb across the fingerboard, you'll sound just like Les Paul. Okay, we might be exaggerating slightly, but you can play 14 major chords, depending on which frets you press. And with its very own mini amplifier that, of course, cranks up to 11, you can rock out to any song that only uses major chords (and there are plenty).

Of course, the bag also functions as, well, a bag. It's big enough to hold a 17" laptop, and also has 2 large pockets, 6 small pockets, and a zippered cell phone pouch. It's made of black canvas with faux leather accents, so you can be stylish while you're shredding the messenger guitar. And if you'd rather keep your musical expressions to yourself (though we certainly can't think why), there's a standard headphone jack in the mini amp.

Think Geek via Engadget

Post by Katherine Gray

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