You have to hand it to the maker of this cell phone glove

Futurists predict that we'll one day have gadgets like cell phones as part of our bodies. Designer Bryan Cera asks "Why wait?" Cera has designed a literal phone handset that you wear like a glove.

The Glove One is only a prototype, but it works, albeit in a limited fashion. Looking like a gauntlet belonging to a futuristic suit of armor, it features jointed fingers that have physical dialing buttons on their undersides. While wearing it, you simply tap in the number you want to call using them, then hold the glove up to your ear using your thumb and pinky finger as the speaker and microphone, respectively. It charges using a mini USB port and has a SIM card slot.

Cera created the Glove One as a form of commentary on how he thinks we're headed towards a future where something like a cell phone will replace our body parts, effectively making them vestigial. He used a 3D printer to make the pieces, and while he doesn't have plans to turn it into a commercial product, he is thinking about refining it further.

[via Dvice]

This article was written by Randy Nelson and originally appeared on Tecca

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