iPhone works underwater thanks to new spray-on coating

Here's something that can rival the world's most slippery substance — a silicon-based spray-on coating called NeverWet that can create a waterproof and oil-proof barrier around any surface, including electronic devices. How many of you accidentally lost a phone or a camera to water before? The creator of NeverWet, Ross Nanotechnology, asserts that its spray-on coating could help prevent those instances. Check out the video above of a NeverWet-coated iPhone submerged in a bowl of water for 30 minutes as proof.

NeverWet works by creating what Ross Nanotechnology calls a superhydrophobic barrier around anything you spray it on that repels both water and oil. In tests, various liquids from chocolate syrup to machine oil easily slide off a surface coated with the substance. Because NeverWet repels most liquids, it can also act as an ice repellent, corrosion protector, and anti-bacterial protector.

The substance, however, isn't perfect — alcohol and soap nullify its effect. But all you need to do is rinse the soap or alcohol off with water, and the item will again be as liquid-proof as can be. The substance is designed to work not only on electronics but also on a variety of surfaces, even on fabrics. NeverWet is still in its research phase, so you can't get a canister of your own to protect your gadgets yet, but it could be sold commercially as soon as next year. For now, you can find a number of waterproof cameras and phone casings on the market that may answer to your needs.

[via Wired, PetaPixel]

This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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