Jaw-droppingly gorgeous video captures the Milky Way as Earth spins

Tempest Milky Way from Randy Halverson on Vimeo.

Tempest Milky Way requires very little exposition before you watch the video. It's essentially 3 minutes of incredible, jaw-dropping scenery as the Earth spins, the stars revolving through the night sky as if riding a conveyer belt. The clarity and detail presented is absolutely astounding, giving you the chance to watch the sky in breathtaking color. Obviously, it reminds us a little of another timelapse video of the Milky Way, which was also quite a hit.

Randy Halverson created this video entirely using views of the sky in South Dakota. He was challenged getting good shots of storms and stars. Since all of the scenes were shot via timelapse photography, it wouldn't take much to ruin a chunk of footage. If the storm wasn't moving just the right way, or if the lightning wasn't quite right, then Randy couldn't use the images. This video became an endeavor of careful patience and detail-oriented composition.

The video was shot between June to August. The music was created by Simon Wilkinson at The Blue Mask and Randy's cameras include a Canon 5D Mark II, a Canon 60D, and others. Randy used a camera dolly from Dynamic Perception to achieve steady motion in the video.

See the extended HD version on Dakotalapse.com.

Post by Michael Gray

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