Keep your brain young with help from Anti-Aging Games and Tecca

All of us wish we could stay young and healthy forever, and none of us is looking forward to facing the negative changes that aging will eventually bring to our minds and bodies. Fortunately, research shows that there are actually a number of relatively simple things you can do to ward off some of the less desirable effects on our brains as we age. More fortunately still, there's a company providing research-backed relief against some of the more dire consequences of aging, particularly in the realm of memory loss.

Anti-Aging Games features a suite of browser-based games designed to improve memory, sharpen focus, and increase relaxation in cognitively healthy adults over the age of 35. Founded by cognitive scientist and CEO Elizabeth Amini, the company's games are designed by Atari legend Nolan Bushnell and backed by the research of a team of world-class neurobehavioral scientists. It's a socially responsible business to boot, donating 20% of its pre-tax profits to charities dedicated to improving the quality and length of life around the world.

Developed to be fun and easy to play, Anti-Aging Games are accessible from any Mac or PC with internet access. The goal is to stimulate your brain, mentally engage you, and give you simple tips for changing your lifestyle in ways that could have a surprisingly big impact on your cognitive health later in life. There's also a personalized tracking system to analyze your progress and deliver greater challenges to you once you've mastered the basics.

Tecca readers can get in on the action with a free month of gameplay and a reduced subscription rate over the life of your membership ($9.99/mo instead of $12.99) should you decide to continue based on your impressions in the first month. Simply head over to and enter the following VIP code: TeccaVIP. Much like with Netflix or Audible trials, you'll need to provide credit card information to kick off the free trial.

If you have a chance to check it out, please let us know what you think. We're going to be trying out the games here at Tecca in a last-ditch effort to save our sad, addled noodles that are being constantly besieged by shiny distractions on the internet. You'll be the first to know about it if we are able to note any improvements in ability to remember things, or focus on any one topic long enough to actually finish an artic... ooh look, a helpful video!

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