How to know if your Mac is infected with the Flashback virus (and how to fix it)


If you're a Mac user, you've no doubt been worrying about the Flashback trojan, a computer virus that has infected hundreds of thousands of computers running Mac OS X. Apple has been quick on the draw with a software update to stop the spread of infection, but those who already have the malware on their systems are stuck waiting for Apple's upcoming cure. Thankfully, there's no need to wait any longer — a number of anti-virus companies have just released free software to automate the process of removing the trojan from your computer.

Kaspersky Labs, the company to first inform the public about the Flashback threat, has introduced a website called Flashbackcheck. There, you can check to see if your computer is infected, and if it is, download software to delete the rogue virus. Similarly, anti-virus company F-Secure has released its own cure, a tool called Flashback Removal. The download is a relatively small file that scours your computer for the virus and helps isolate and eliminate the threat if your Mac is infected.

Neither of these are official solutions from Apple. Still, with no word on exactly how long Apple's fix will take, they make a really good substitute for anyone who's developed a well-founded case of digital germophobia.

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This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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