Lizard plays smartphone games better than many humans

We've already seen fish wielding tools and ravens socializing, and now we're seeing another hint to the inevitable world domination by animals. This bearded dragon has mastered the video game Ant Crusher on its owner's cellphone.

Sure, the game seems perfectly tailored to the lizard, which subsists on a diet of leafy greens and supplemental insects. But the spooky part comes when the bearded dragon looks up expectantly at its owner, waiting for him to restart the game. It's like it knows what's going on and it's just waiting to beat its own high score.

We can't help but sympathize with the little guy, as it's probably pretty disappointing to nab ant after ant only to be left with an empty mouth. Still, he seems to be enjoying himself all the same.

This article was written my Michael Gray and originally appeared on Tecca

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