Man hacks Google Street View to get revenge over a pickup truck

When most of us see Google's Street View car taking pictures of a local street or highway, we think little of it. For others, it's an opportunity to create some creative car-related mayhem, not unlike putting initials in wet cement. Car maker Fiat parked its popular 500 model right in front of the competition's headquarters when it saw the Google car pass by. And now, an unhappy Toyota owner has taken his revenge on the company that wronged him using Google Maps, Google Street View, and a little bit of black paint.

According to the owner, the Toyota Tundra suffers from a "bump and jerk throttle." Not that we had to interview him to find this out — the criticism is written across the back and sides of his Toyota pickup truck in white stick-on letters. But that's hardly the biggest middle finger to the Japanese car maker: The man has also painted "Toyota sucks" on his roof in massive letters, a critique that's easily viewable via Google Maps.

We're not sure this prank will earn the Floridian any relief from Toyota, but surely the fact that his 11-letter review is gaining national attention is worth some satisfaction. Car makers, you're on notice.

This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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