If you’re in the market for a $1 million TV, Harrods has the plasma for you

High-end British retailer Harrods has built a reputation on stocking luxurious merchandise since opening its doors in London back in 1834. Now, it's hoping to make a name for itself as a purveyor of the most outrageously decadent gadgets on the planet. Gadgets such as Panasonic's 152" TH-152UX1W plasma television, which retails for $958,000 and is usually sold for commercial applications such as airports and theme parks.

The massive television weighs more than 1,200 pounds and is the size of nine 50" sets stacked in a three by three grid. It is Panasonic's first commercially available 4K2K display, occupying the high end of the emerging 4K TV standard, and is capable of displaying 4,096 x 2,160 pixels. That's nearly four times the resolution of a current 1080p TV. Oh, and it's a 3D TV, too, although the sticker price doesn't include the cost of an optional transmitter and 3D glasses.

Already have a TV that's the size of — and costs as much as — a beachfront mansion? Harrods' electronics department also sells a $480,000 speaker dock for the iPhone and the iPad that stands 11' tall, and features a built-in ladder that you can use to climb up and connect your device on top.

[via Born Rich]


This article was written by Randy Nelson and originally appeared on Tecca

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