McDonald’s reveals the ridiculous process of preparing food for commercials

If you've ever seen a fast food commercial and wondered "Why doesn't my burger/taco/sandwich look like that?" you're not alone. Normally these questions are never answered, but when a customer tweeted to McDonald's Canada, asking why food looks different in ads, the restaurant chain decided to reveal all its secrets.

In the video above you'll get a glimpse into the world of fast food commercial preparation, and it's likely a great deal more complicated than you could ever imagine. For starters, McDonald's has its very own "food stylist" who spends upwards of two hours preparing the ingredients that go into each food item to be filmed — in this case, a quarter pounder with cheese.

Everything from the bun to the condiments is placed specifically to show off the best side of the burger, and the company even uses image manipulation gurus to remove any blemishes that may have occurred during the preparation. Of course, this means you'll never actually score a meal that looks exactly like the one you saw in a TV or magazine ad, but the company insists that all the ingredients in its fast food meals are identical to the ones used in its advertisements.

This article originally appeared on Tecca

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