Motion-control banking is so easy even your pet can do it

We've seen so many ingenious Kinect hacks ranging from something that can save lives to something that's done purely for fun. Add this one to the ever-growing list: motion-control banking. Developed by Lithuanian software company Etronika, the Kinect-based banking user interface lets you access and manage your accounts with hand gestures or even the wagging of your dog's tail.

Flick your wrist to sort through the carousel of icons that represent a particular banking aspect such as bill payment and account management. Clap your hands to select an icon, or wave them up and down to scroll through long documents — make your own dance from the gestures if you want. If you're banking in your home and nobody's looking, might as well have fun while paying a painfully hefty credit card bill. Plus, it can help you get fit.

"With our software, you could be on the couch at home, having a beer, all while dealing with your bank account and kicking back," Etronika's CEO Kestutis Gardziulis says. The company is planning to extend the motion-banking features even further to include voice and facial recognition — which is probably for the best, especially if you have a cat leaping on couches that can accidentally send out your hard-earned money to who knows where.

This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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