Netflix comes to the Nintendo 3DS

The popular streaming media site Netflix is now available as an app for the Nintendo 3DS. With the app you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows right on your Nintendo 3DS. To get the app, you'll need to go into the 3DS download store and grab it. The app itself doesn't cost anything, but you still have to have streaming enabled on your Netflix account, which is will cost you $7 a month.

The Nintendo 3DS Netflix app displays the movie on the top screen (it's only 2D, no 3D movie streaming), with the bottom screen being used for playback controls. Just tap the bottom screen to bring them up. The playback controls on the 3DS function just like they do on your blu-ray player or computer.

There are some problems with the app. Multiple staff members at Tecca have noticed that it is very slow when loading movies and connecting to Netflix. Compared to the Netflix iPad app, which itself isn't the fastest thing it the world, the 3DS app absolutely crawls. The picture on the 3DS isn't that great either. While no one is expecting HD quality out of the 3DS, it's definitely not as good as the iPad or iPhone version of Netflix.

With that said though, it's still a good option if you don't have other portable devices to watch Netflix on. And it is a great option for a child; it's on a device they're already familiar with, and they can use at their own leisure.

Post by Adam Holisky

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