Origami comes to life with reaDIYmate wifi toys

If you've ever tried your hand at creating an intricate animal or other sculpture out of paper, you know just how challenging origami can be. A new project called reaDIYmate aims to take all the challenge out of papercraft while allowing you to build customizable characters that not only look cool, but also connect to your digital life.

reaDIYmate creations can be built in just minutes from pre-cut templates, which come either pre-colored or blank, allowing you to decorate them to your liking. But these adorable little creatures aren't meant simply as cute companions — they pack a useful digital punch as well.

Using a wifi connection and the reaDYImate software on your computer, you can program the tiny automatons to alert you when you get emails, Twitter updates, or even check in on Foursquare. An internal speaker lets them play sounds or even entire voice messages from online friends.

The reaDIYmate project is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, and after one day the company has already raised $13,000 of its $25,000 goal. If you want to pitch in and reserve one of the first reaDIYmate toys if and when the project is fully funded, head over to the fundraising page and crack open your wallet!

[via The Next Web]

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