Make a serious impression with these exclusive diamond-encrusted $1,500 business cards

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If you think metallic business cards are posh, then you've never seen these ultra-fancy cards by Black Astrum before. Meant for the same people who can afford insanely expensive wedding rings from space, these cards are decked out in real diamonds, with each card boasting around a carat's worth of stones. Handing them out essentially means giving money away, but if you can afford getting them instead of your average cards in the first place, we're guessing you won't mind too much.

Diamond-based design company, Black Astrum, will customize the card based on your preferences, so exact prices vary. You can lessen — or add more — diamonds on the Swiss-made cast acrylic base covered with scratch and chemical resistant coating. So far, though, the average selling price is a mind-boggling $1,500 for each card. A full pack that contains as much as 30 cards would then be worth a small fortune — unless you're the type who can rent a whole plane, and treat $45,000 as chump change.

Unfortunately, even if you have a grand lying around, you won't be able to buy one card just for the heck of it. These cards (that were originally commissioned by an inarguably wealthy Middle Eastern family) are extremely exclusive, and you'd have to score an invite from the company first before you can even think of getting one. Black Astrum's concept director Sufian Khawaja claims the company has received several inquiries "from American celebrities and international businessmen" — all of whom it has seemingly turned down. So how exactly does one get invited, you ask? Just have an exceedingly high net worth, and be among the richest people on earth.

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This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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