We get silly with Siri, the new iPhone voice assistant

The iPhone 4S launched on October 14, and despite not being the long-rumored iPhone 5, the new device managed to sell to the tune of over 4 million units. In addition to the upgraded camera, faster processor, and trouble-free antenna, one of the phone's biggest selling points is Siri, the handset's built-in virtual assistant.

Siri can help iPhone 4S owners do a plethora of things using simple voice commands. Users can send text messages, get directions, and schedule appointments without manually entering the data. But Siri has another trick up its sleeve: It comes complete with a sense of humor. Siri's AI can respond to different questions and comments in quirky and sometimes surprising ways. We put Siri through its humorous paces, and have collected some of the more interesting responses into the video above. Enjoy!

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