Stats: Top 9 reasons people use tablets

Why use a tablet over a laptop or a netbook...or even a desktop computer? New research from the Nielsen Company sheds a little light on how Americans are using a class of devices that most consumers would have balked at buying only a single short year ago. Here's the reasoning behind tablet mania, according to Nielsen's sample:

  1. Easy to carry/take with you (31%)

  2. Ease of interface/OS (21%)

  3. Fast Start Up/Off (15%)

  4. Convenience (12%)

  5. Size (12%)

  6. Can use in multiple locations (12%)

  7. Fast Speed (11%)

  8. Like Device Features (calendar, apps, etc.) (10%)

  9. Lightweight (7%)

When it comes to tablet sales, Apple's iPad continues to lead by a mile, commanding a whopping 82% of the market. The original Samsung Galaxy Tab came in a very, very distant second place, in the paws of a paltry 4% of tablet owners. Of course, no tablet stat can stagger quite like the revelation that the iPad absorbed over 99% of total tablet computing revenue in 2010.

According to the report, tablet computers seem to be cutting into our time spent with other kinds of computers. 35% of desktop computer owners reported using their tablet's not-so-mobile counterpart "less often or not at all." Tablets had the same effect on 32% of consumers who own both a laptop and a tablet and 25% of portable game console owners.



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