Teensy micro-computer goes on sale for $35

Sneaking by just in time to make its delayed end of February launch window, the $35 computing wonder known as the Raspberry Pi is on sale at long last. The teensy machines went up for an eBay pre-sale auction for charity in January, and fetched as much as $3,000 for a single unit.

Now curious members of the public with not-so-deep pockets can get in on the fun — if they can squeeze in an order on the overwhelmed sales sites that is. Due to overwhelming demand, the two sites retailing the micro-computers have both been overloaded, and many would-be Raspberry Pi owners have reported that orders aren't going through.

While a $25 version of the tiny device will go on sale later, the first Raspberry Pi round is the $35 "Model B." What does that extra $10 net you on such a tiny, bare-bones computer? An Ethernet port and two USB ports — making the first production model pretty feature-packed compared to the $25 Model A. The credit card-sized devices are actually capable of handling lightweight computing tasks like email and web browsing, but you'll need your own keyboard and monitor, to take part in the low-cost computing experiment.

Want in on the fun? Keep an eye on the official Raspberry Pi Twitter account to see how you can score your own tiny-but-mighty mini-computer.

[Image credit: Wikimedia Commons]


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