This transparent HDTV is straight out of the future, and could soon appear in your living room

Does your HDTV just not seem as sleek and sexy as it once was? If the allure of having a flat-panel display mounted to your wall just isn't enough anymore, the completely see-through Loewe Invisio might be just what you're looking for. Designed by Michael Friebe, the transparent television made a big splash in the 2011 iF Concept Design competition, and if we're lucky we may soon see it in our own homes.

Loewe is well known in Europe for its high-end televisions and audio hardware. In fact, the company is said to be in talks with Apple about a possible acquisition. This would give Apple a huge head start if the company decides to release a long-rumored Apple-branded HDTV, and would mean products like the futuristic Invisio could arrive stateside sooner rather than later.

The Invsio looks absolutely stunning — well, as stunning as a see-through television can look. The clear LCD technology allows the display to pop to life when you hit the power button, but then disappear the instant you shut it off. The bottom portion of the set houses all the important bits, and the entire unit can be mounted on a wall if you're not a fan of the shiny silver tabletop stand.

Without a border or frame of any kind, the screen is meant to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings when not in use. The Invisio is clearly meant for TV lovers who want their living rooms to have an air of sophistication on nights when must-see-TV isn't a priority. Of course, if the rear of your entertainment center is littered with cords, you're going to want to clean them up before showing off a new transparent TV.

But don't start saving for this futuristic display just yet — the Invisio isn't yet a Loewe's retail offering, and because it's still considered a concept, it may never be. Of course, one look at the company's plans for other future products — including a TV with two screens and a mirror with built-in social displays (pictured below) — should be enough to tell you that the Invisio may very well see the light of day.

If the Inviso concept sounds like something out of science fiction, don't forget that transparent LCD technology has been around for a while now. Samsung has already shown off its own see-through "Smart Window" technology which allows users to interact with apps, or even pull down a set of virtual shades to dim the daylight. The Invisio would likely work in a similar fashion, though without the addition of touchscreen controls.

Regardless of whether or not it ever becomes a reality, the fact that we have the technology available to make see-through televisions is enough to make us feel like we're living in the future. And if the rumored Apple acquisition does indeed take place, who knows what other ridiculously cool concepts could eventually emerge from the deal.

[Image credit: Michael Friebe via Yanko Design]

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