Unique music video turns 500 people into a flipbook


500 People in 100 Seconds! was created by Eran Amir as he traveled around Israel. He asked 500 people to hold 3 printed pictures and then he took their photograph. The printed pictures themselves would become an enormous flipbook so that when Eran edited the 1,500 photos into a single video, the printed pictures formed another music video inside it. (That's pretty deep, man.) The result is this video, which is one of the most creative YouTube videos we've seen around here for a while.

The music and the video combine to form a beautiful, light-hearted piece. Make sure you take the time to watch the flipbook video in particular, though; the framework and action in the mini-video is just as creative and fun as the overall effort. You'll find your eyes flitting back and forth between the people holding the pictures and the flipbook animation, so be prepared to watch it a few time get the full effect.

Post by Michael Gray

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