Verizon will soon begin spying on your web habits, here’s how to opt out

If you're a Verizon wireless customer, your online identity is about to take another privacy hit. The company just revealed that its new service agreement will include language that allows the monitoring of your web habits, including websites you visit and even the location data of when and where you use your wireless browser.

The company says the data will be used solely for business and marketing purposes, and to present you with more relevant advertisements while you're surfing on the go. The data that is obtained may also be shared with third-party companies under the guise of making mobile ads better suited to your interests.

Regardless of the intended use of the data — or Verizon's promise that individuals will not be specifically identified — your data will still be gathered. And as history has shown, even supposedly private data isn't always so secure. The new policy is enabled by default, meaning that if you do nothing, you are automatically opting in to the program. However, if you don't like the idea of Verizon keeping tabs on your web habits and location, there's still a way to prevent it.

Simply head to Verizon's privacy center, sign into your account using your phone number and password, and review the new policy. On this page there are two places where you can specify that your information not be used for marketing or any other purposes. Simply check these boxes and save your changes. This simple step will prevent your wireless carrier from tracking your location and web habits, and while it might not help advertisers present the best deals on items or services that interest you, your online identity will remain as secure as possible.

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