Volkswagen introduces an all-electric Beetle concept car

Volkwagen may be ready to go green with it's trademark Beetle: The German car manufacturer introduced its new all-electric E-Bugster concept car at this week's 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

The car is powered by a 695-pound Li-ion battery that offers a 100-mile range when fully charged. But perhaps the most notable feature of the new electric vehicle is the fact that it looks like the next iteration of the Beetle rather than something straight from The Jetsons. Most EVs, like the decent-selling Nissan Leaf, have a distinctly futuristic design to them. The E-Bugster's mainstream design could signal that VW wants their car to have a wider appeal beyond the current EV market.

It's yet to be seen whether or not electric cars are truly the wave of the future — consumers say they're concerned about the limited range electric vehicles offer and the expensive Leaf is only available in 30 states. Still, the government has been investing heavily in electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed to support them. In 2011, the Obama administration purchased over 100 EVs; mostly Chevy Volts. And Oregon has started the Green Highway initiative, a program that will place EV charging stations at different locations along Interstate 5.


This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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