Wild vacuum-equipped doormat will clean your shoes whether you like it or not

Mike Wehner, Tecca
Technology News Blog

Have you ever walked around your home after coming in from outdoors only to realize your shoes were a bit dirtier than you had assumed? If so, then you'll love the latest invention from Japan's Palonia Furyokuki company: An industrial-quality doormat which sucks unwanted debris off the bottoms of your soles simply by walking across it.

The metal-clad walkway is equipped with hundreds of small, rubberized buttons that form a seal. When the built-in motion sensor detects someone walking by, it automatically turns on a vacuum system beneath the doormat. Then, when your shoe pushes down on the buttons, the vacuum sucks all the dirt that was on your shoes into the mat itself. The dirt is collected in removable drawers for easy disposal.

Unfortunately, the current models of the doormat are rather large and pricey — measuring several feet long and costing over $6,000 each. The mats are designed primarily for businesses that see a lot of foot traffic, though we wouldn't mind seeing one designed for our own homes as well. Until then, I guess we'll have to settle for a robot.


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