Woman makes $100,000 a year eating in front of a webcam

A woman in New Jersey is attempting a dangerous feat in order to land in the Guinness Book of World Records — and she's doing it in front of an online audience. Donna Simpson aims to take the title of World's Most Obese Woman, and to do so she must pile on an additional 300lbs to her current 700lb figure. If you're willing to pay the membership fee, her website will allow you to track her progress down to the very last ounce.

Simpson claims that over 7,000 people currently pay to watch her go for the world record, a goal which requires her to consume over 15,000 calories per day on average. That's a lot of food, but it's not difficult for Simpon to afford, as she makes over $100,000 a year via her website alone. She prepares her beefy diet with the help of her 4-year-old daughter

But while Simpson seems set on her goal to claim the world record title, the attempt poses a very real threat to her health. She reportedly already suffers from various weight-related ailments including diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, none of which will likely get any better with an additional 300lbs packed on. If and when Simpson manages to reach her lofty goal, it's unclear what her future plans will be, and if her loyal fan base will continue to support her costly — and deadly — lifestyle.


[Image credit: Besighyawn]

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