World’s most expensive flash drive is a $37,000 sparkly mushroom

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Some flash drives are expensive because they have 1TB storage capacities; others are extremely pricey because they're mushroom-shaped gadgets covered in diamonds and other precious stones. Swiss jewelry maker La Maison Shawish recently launched its luxury Magic Mushroom USB flash drives that can only store up to 32GB of data, but could cost almost $37,000 depending on color.

The mushroom drive you can see in the image above covered in pink sapphires and white diamonds willonly set you back a cool $16,500. A red version that substitutes the pink stones with rubies is priced a bit higher at $24,400. But if you want the most ridiculously expensive mushroom drive of all, get the green one covered in emeralds for the mind-blowing price of $36,900.

According to La Maison Shawish, the products' mushroom design that was inspired by Alice in Wonderland is meant to bring back memories of our childhood. The company believes associating the classic novel with something as modern as a flash drive "makes a lot of sense." With that kind of price, though, we say these flash drives only make sense for mushroom-loving folks with bottomless pockets.

[via Born Rich]

This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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