YouTube grants schools special access to 400,000 educational videos

YouTube has an enormous collection of educational clips that could be used by teachers, but many schools choose to block the site so that kids won't be able to access unsavory videos. Even if the site can be accessed, teachers still don't use YouTube inside the classroom, as they're worried about students getting distracted by music videos or cute clips of cats and fish slamming clams. To circumvent the issue, the site recently launched a YouTube for Schools program separate from the rest of the site. This means school administrators can allow access to it on their wireless networks, while keeping the rest of the site blocked.

The program puts approximately 400,000 YouTube Education videos (including ones from trusted institutions like the Smithsonian) in the hands of teachers, who can use them to capture the interest of even those with incredibly short attention spans. Watching videos could also make learning complicated ideas a lot easier, compared to visualizing doodles drawn with chalk on blackboards. Right now, the clips are broken down into 300 playlists separated by subjects to make it easier for educators.

If you're a parent or a teacher who'd like access to the YouTube for Schools program, visit the site for more information to start making your kids' school days a lot more enjoyable!

This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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