Lady Gaga’s ‘girl-next-door’ early years

The Difference

PHOTO 1 of her in Converse:

Before glamorous Lady Gaga carried tea cups and walked on platforms, she had a very different style in her high-school classes at Covent of the Sacred Heart in New York. Her tan skin, long brown hair, and rosy cheeks lent Stefani Germanotta (as she was known then) an approachable girl-next-door beauty. a full gallery of Lady Gaga's early years. A quick look at her 2004 photo shows that Lady Gaga was a fan of Abercrombie & Fitch -- judging by the zip-up jacket -- and her Converse sneakers couldn't have less of a heel (a few years later, she swapped the Converse for 24-inch boots). She looks entirely confident in the photo, although she has said she still sometimes feels like a "loser kid in high school."

"I got really bullied. I had a nice group of friends, but getting picked on in school -- it sticks with you for life and I don't think I realized how deeply it affected me until I started to become more successful."


In 2006, Lady Gaga had added more eyeliner, but her overall look was still of a fresh-faced brunette with simple styling. She later dyed her hair blonde after someone confused her with Amy Winehouse. "I want to be known for my own look," she told People.

But even as a kid in curls, you can still see that signature Lady Gaga smile shining through.


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