Marshall Henderson revenge-tweets Erin Andrews, two years later

Erin Andrews (Getty Images)
Erin Andrews (Getty Images)

Twitter is not a bullhorn. It's a boomerang, and whatever you say will eventually come back around to you ... so be careful.

Our latest example of "watch what you Tweet" involves a former Ole Miss basketball player, an L.A. Kings hockey player, and a prominent broadcaster, with supporting roles for a Sacramento Kings basketball player and a Tennessee sports talk show host. Stick with us here, this'll all make sense soon.

Back in July 2013, Marshall Henderson was suspended from Ole Miss for what turned out to be a failed drug test. Andrews took a shot at Henderson on Twitter, and Henderson was quick to note that he was filing away that particular jab:

Flash forward to now, where Andrews' boyfriend Jarrett Stoll was arrested this past weekend on suspicion of possession of cocaine and Ecstasy.

Now, we can argue about the propriety of "lol"ing at a drug arrest or reporters joking about someone else's poor decisions or getting indignant about someone calling you out for something you've actually done, but the overriding lesson here is clear: never say anything about anybody.

It's reminiscent of a jab the Kings' DeMarcus Cousins threw at Fox Sports commentator/radio talk show host Clay Travis earlier this year. Five years ago, Travis had tweeted, "There is a 100% chance that Demarcus Cousins is arrested for something in the next five years. 100%. Write it in stone." Five years went by, no arrests, and Cousins gloated over his achievement. (Again: not taking the side of the easy hot-take culture here, but an awful lot of people have gone five years without getting arrested.)

Anyway, bottom line, if you've ever said anything nasty about anyone online, chances are that person's waiting for juuuuust the right moment to throw that back in your face. So we've all got that to look forward to.

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