Triple H breaks character, comforts young crying John Cena fan

Triple H is a terrifying figure in the WWE firmament, a malevolent corporate overlord bent on crushing the will of all beneath him. He's also a total fabrication, as one young audience member learned on Monday night's WWE Raw in Dallas.

Triple H had just decreed that John Cena had to fight in a brutal three-on-one match against Seth Rollins, Kane, and Big Show, and the impending beatdown was apparently too much for a lad in the front row to handle. The boy began crying, and Triple H, recognizing that maybe this wasn't worth bringing a child to tears, broke character to comfort the lad.

The kid also apparently got some WWE swag and a trip backstage to meet some of his idols. And, hey, Cena won too! Not a bad scene, even if this might be a whole long con. With wrestling, you never quite know for sure.

Of course, this now means little kids are going to be wailing their eyes out at every match from here on out, but this was a good moment anyway.

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