Dog that survived Oklahoma tornado reunited with owner

·Claudine Zap

A dog found guarding a deceased body on Monday among the rubble of tornado-ravaged Moore, Okla., has been reunited with its owner.

When a deputy from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office found the dog, now known as Susie, guarding a body inside a house, he assumed she was protecting her owner. He posted a photo of the loyal pet on Twitter and Facebook with the caption, "Scared, but this little pup survived."

The image and the story—reported on Yahoo News—quickly spread across the Web. The sheriff’s office then noted that the animal had been taken to a shelter and that the deputy who found her wanted to adopt her.

That’s when Sheila Collins popped up.

Collins commented on the Facebook page: “Please don't adopt Susie Collins. She is my brother Curtis' dog and he is alive and the only reason he is not well is that he is looking for Susie.”

It turns out the 12-year-old schipperke-border collie mix still had a home.

As the sheriff's office explained in a statement, “The deputy who found 'Susie' contacted Sheila and after much determination was able to reunite 'Susie' and Curtis. 'Susie' and Curtis live about a 1/2 mile from where she was found by our deputy."

"It was an emotional reunion between 'Susie' and Curtis, one we were glad to have been a part of," the statement said.

Curtis, by the way, had no idea why Susie had stood guard over a stranger. But some dog lovers on Facebook had some thoughts.

“Animals know when there is a need for something. This dog sensed a call to the duty of guarding a human. Such a beautiful story. That victim was not alone,” Mary Walker wrote.

“Touching! She still stayed beside a deceased person. Animals are amazing,” Diona Vassiliou added.