Become Your Own 3-D Producer

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Become Your Own 3-D Producer

CES is a technology behemoth, blanketing Las Vegas for one week a year with the newest televisions, tablets, headphones, indestructible smartphone cases and Bluetooth beer koozies.

But at “This Could Be Big,” we’re looking for innovation that goes beyond upgrades and modifications, that changes the way we interact with technology.

We found that this year in a young company from Hungary called Leonar3Do. Their 3-D graphic design program blew us away with its ease of use and ability to change education and the way we create art.

The $500 Leonar3Do package comes with the software, special 3-D glasses and a four-sensor stylus, which they call “the bird.” When you first put on the glasses and pick up the bird, you need a second to get used to manipulating a 3-D digital image in space, but within a few moments it feels like you’re manipulating a piece of clay or drawing with a pencil.

As consumers, we’ve been offered a steady diet of 3-D for years, with 3-D TVs available at every electronics store and movies like “Avatar” raking in billions at the box office. But our ability to create 3-D content ourselves has lagged. Companies like MakerBot have created a successful line of consumer-friendly 3-D printers, but we’ve been limited in what we can actually print, until now.

Leonar3Do moves us from being 3-D consumers to 3-D producers.

The technology was created by 26 year old Dániel Rátai, who dreamed of becoming a car designer, and dropped out of college at 19 after feeling dissatisfied with 2D design programs.

“Today we have a lot of tools that extend our mind, that extend our brain…and everything is in 2 dimensions, but it’s very important that we can use tools that can help our thinking and can help our mind. And if we can switch back to 3D, to our natural environment, then you cannot imagine what you’ll be capable of.”