Building Down Instead of Up?

ABC News
This Could Be Big

My step-mom refuses to sleep in any building higher than the reach of a firetruck ladder, which is why we live on the 56th floor (Just kidding, Judy). But after seeing the sketches of Mexican architect, Esteban Suarez, I wonder how she would do in an "earth scraper?"

Suarez has imagined a massive building for those who prefer holes to heights and a novel solution around a law that bans structures higher than eight stories in the crowded, historic center of Mexico City.

Instead of a soaring tower, Suarez wants to dig an inverted pyramid nearly a thousand feet deep with enough apartments, stores and offices to hold 100,000 people.

On a planet of 7 billion, is this a space-saving idea whose time has come? Or an engineering folly impossible to construct?

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