Fitbit For Your Skin

Andrew Lampard
This Could Be Big
Fitbit For Your Skin

If you’re like me, you realize you’ve been in the sun too long only after your skin turns a pinker shade of medium-rare steak.

But what if there was an app that could give us a head’s up before the sun’s ultraviolet radiation can do its damage? (Dramatic pause for effect). Of course there is.

A Paris-based company called Netatmo has made a bracelet that measures sun intensity in real time. It relays that data to an app on your smartphone, which alerts you when you’re approaching your day’s limit. The app also gives sun exposure tips, tailored for your skin type and habits, and notifies you when you should apply sunscreen or put on a hat.

Fred Potter, Netatmo’s CEO, said he first thought about making the bracelet, which is called June (after the calendar month with the longest days), after speaking with a woman who complained to him about sun spots. That conversation inspired him to market a skin-protection product for women in warm climates.

Netatmo plans to release the bracelet, which it calls June (i.e. the sunniest calendar month), later this year in select fashion and electronics stores for $99.

So does fashion meet function with June? You be the judge and watch our video above.