Sprayable Energy? Does it Work?

Bill Weir, Andrew Lampard, David Miller, Justin Bare, Brian Fudge
This Could Be Big
Sprayable Energy? Does it Work?

Just when you thought drinking coffee or an energy drink was the easiest way to get a caffeine jolt, two young entrepreneurs disrupted that notion with a spray bottle.

Sprayable Energy, a liquid caffeine product that you spray onto your skin like perfume, made a buzz when it raised more than $168,000 on the crowd fundraising site Indiegogo, indicating a strong demand for an odorless caffeine dispensary that doesn’t stain your teeth.

Its creators, Deven Soni, 33, and Ben Yu, 21, say Sprayable Energy is also a smoother conduit for caffeine than coffee.

“The experience that users are expected to feel is not the ‘jittery-ness’ and ‘over-alertness’ that people get used to with coffee or energy drinks,” said Soni, who was a venture capitalist before creating this product with Yu, a Harvard undergraduate.

Each bottle contains enough liquid for 160 sprays, and each pump of Sprayable Energy is equal to a quarter cup of coffee. Soni and Yu insist that Sprayable Energy is safe, although you shouldn’t spray more than 24 times a day.

We wanted to see for ourselves how Sprayable Energy held up against its digestible counterparts, so we tested it on one of our coffee-loving videographers, Justin Bare. For one whole day -- a day that consisted of several shoots around New York City -- Justin used Sprayable Energy in lieu of any other caffeine product.

How did he do? Watch the video above to find out.