Ann Romney says VP could be a woman, blasts Obama’s ‘destroy Mitt’ strategy

Mitt Romney has declined to say much about his vice presidential search, but the Republican nominee's wife offered a new clue about what he might be thinking.

Ann Romney says her husband is considering a woman for the ticket—and admitted she's been playing a big role in the VP search, too, according to an interview with CBS News,

"We've been looking at that," Ann Romney replied, when asked if her husband should pick a female as his No. 2. "I'd love that option as well. So, you know, there's a lot of people that Mitt is considering right now."

While she had previously suggested she wasn't playing a major role in the VP search, Ann Romney admitted she's been giving the process "a lot of thought, actually" and has been offering her husband advice on his choice.

She told CBS News she suggested her husband pick someone with the "same personality type that will enjoy spending time with him, and also competent, capable and willing to serve this country."

The presumptive Republican nominee, who was seated next to his wife during the interview, declined to comment on his thinking about a possible running mate or when he might announce his pick.

"That's something I am keeping close with my team," he said.

Ann Romney's comments aired just a day after New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, a rumored VP possibility, marched with the Romney family in a July Fourth parade in Wolfeburo, N.H., where the Romneys are vacationing this week.

In the same interview, Ann Romney blasted President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, suggesting it is trying to "destroy" her husband as Democrats try to maintain control of the White House this November.

"They are going to do everything they can to destroy Mitt," Ann Romney said. "I feel like all [Obama is] doing is saying, 'Let's kill this guy,' and I feel like that's not really a good campaign strategy."