Bachmann admits John Wayne flub, but still insists John Quincy Adams was a Founding Father

Michele Bachmann acknowledged Tuesday that she misspoke when she claimed yesterday that actor John Wayne was from her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa. But the 2012 GOP hopeful refused to dial back on another one of her notable gaffes: Her claim that the nation's Founding Fathers "worked tirelessly to end slavery."

In an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, the Minnesota congresswoman insisted she was right on the slavery claim and pointed to the career of John Quincy Adams, the nation's sixth president who was not yet nine years old when the Declaration of Independence was drafted with the help of his father, John Adams.

Bachmann insisted John Quincy Adams, who later worked to end slavery, should be considered a "Founding Father."

"He was a very young boy when he was with his father serving essentially as his father's secretary," Bachmann told ABC. "He tirelessly worked throughout his life to make sure that we did in fact one day eradicate slavery."

But Stephanopoulos interjected, insisting that the younger Adams had never been considered one of the Founding Fathers.

"Well, John Quincy Adams most certainly was a part of the Revolutionary War era. He was a young boy but he was actively involved," Bachmann replied.

You can watch the video here, courtesy ABC. (After Bachmann's interview, ThinkProgress notes that John Quincy Adams' Wikipedia page was edited to describe him as a "Founding Father.")

But in a separate interview with CNN's American Morning, Bachmann admitted to occasionally "misspeaking"—including on her claim yesterday that Wayne, the legendary movie star, was born in Waterloo when in fact his hometown is Winterset, nearly 150 miles away. Rather, it was serial killer John Wayne Gacy who lived in Waterloo for a time.

"People can make mistakes and I wish I could be perfect every time I say something, but I can't," Bachmann told CNN. "But one thing people know about me is that I'm a substantive, serious person and I have a strong background."

Photo of Bachmann: Charlie Neibergall/AP)