Brown, Allen raise less money than Democrats, but boast more on hand

Republican Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts and Republican former Sen. George Allen of Virginia both appear to have been out-fundraised by their Democratic challengers this quarter, according to preliminary reports of the latest totals. Nevertheless, both Republicans are able to say they won the battle for cash on hand.

According to the campaigns, which are not required to file campaign finance paperwork for the second quarter until July 15, Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren raked in more money than Brown—$8.6 million to $5 million from April 1 through the end of June. As Yahoo News reported, Warren's fundraising pace in June put her on par with Mitt Romney in a comparison of dollars per registered voters.

But Brown reported a whopping $15.5 million remaining on hand following expenditures last quarter, overshadowing the $13.5 million that Warren has on hand.

The same situation is playing out in Virginia's Senate race, where former Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine out-fundraised former Republican Sen. George Allen by $3 million to $2 million last quarter, according to the campaigns. But Allen boasted $3.3 million remaining compared to the $2.7 million Kaine has in the bank.

Other down-ballot fundraising highlights out this week include:

• Missouri Senate: Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill reported $2.6 million raised, $3.6 million on hand.

• Montana Senate: Democratic Sen. Jon Tester reported $1.9 million raised, $3.6 million on hand.

• Nebraska Senate: Republican state Sen. Deb Fischer reported $1.3 million raised, $1.1 million on hand.

• Nevada Senate: Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley reported $1.5 million raised, $4 million on hand.

• Wisconsin Senate: Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin reported $2.2 million raised, $3.5 million on hand.

• Florida Senate: Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson reported $1.8 million raised, $11 million on hand, and Republican Rep. Connie Mack reported $840,000 raised and $1.35 on hand.