Chris Christie says he may end up as Mitt Romney’s running mate

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Chris Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey, has been careful to say that he is not "campaigning" to become Mitt Romney's running mate, the 2012 vice presidential nominee of the Republican Party. But he's certainly open to the possibility that he would accept the job.

During a visit Monday to a high school in Plainsboro, N.J., Christie said he could be convinced to join the Republican presidential ticket.

"He might be able to convince me," Christie said in reference to Romney, according to Matt Katz of the Philadelphia Inquirer. "He's a convincing guy."

Just last week, Christie assured constituents that he would fulfill his entire term as governor, which ends January 2014.

"I'm not going anywhere, don't worry." Chrstie told an audience of supporters in Springfield last week when asked if he would serve his full term.

Christie endorsed Romney in October and campaigned with him in several states during the Republican primary campaign.

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