Chris Christie eats doughnut, trades fat jokes with Letterman

Dylan Stableford
The Ticket

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie poked fun at his weight on the "Late Show With David Letterman" on Monday, consuming a doughnut during his first appearance on the late-night show.

A few seconds after sitting down with Letterman, the heavy-set Republican pulled a doughnut out of his suit pocket.

“I didn't know this was going to be this long," Christie joked before taking a bite of the glazed pastry.

Host David Letterman asked Christie if he was bothered by weight jokes aimed at him.

“Well, I only care if you’re funny," Christie said. "From my perspective, if the joke is funny, I laugh—even if it’s about me. If it’s not funny, I don’t laugh. But I’ve never felt like it was, you know, anything that really bugged me all that much."

“Now, what percentage of the jokes have you found funny?” Letterman asked Christie.

“About 40 percent roughly, roughly," the governor replied.

Later in the interview, Christie read some of his favorite jokes about him from previous "Late Show" monologues.

“Celebrity birthday today: Chris Christie turned 50," Christie said. "He blew out the candles on his cake, and he wished for another cake."

Letterman then grabbed Christie's half-eaten doughnut and took a bite.

Christie followed with another Letterman joke about him: “A billion dollars will be spent on potato chips for Super Bowl Sunday—and that’s just at Gov. Christie’s house.”

It isn't the first time the New Jersey governor has shown his sense of humor on late-night television. Last fall, Christie appeared on "Saturday Night Live," skewering the trademark fleece jacket he wore during the recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy.

"I'm gonna die in this fleece," Christie told Seth Meyers in a "Weekend Update" cameo.