Condoleezza Rice criticizes Cain for linking race to sexual harassment case

Rachel Rose Hartman
The Ticket

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice criticized Herman Cain for employing racially charged language as he's talked about past allegations against him of sexual harassment.

"I don't care much for incendiary language" Rice told CBS "Early Show" host Norah O'Donnell in an interview broadcast Wednesday morning. O'Donnell asked Rice to comment on the former Godfather's Pizza CEO's statement that he is "victim of a high-tech lynching."

"I actually am someone who doesn't believe in playing the race card on either side," Rice added. "I've seen it played, by the way, on the other side quite a lot too. And it's not good for the country.""I'm not much for the race card," said Rice, a Republican and African-American who served under George W. Bush, adding that she also disagrees with using the race card to criticize President Obama.

You can watch the video below via CBS:

Following the taping of Rice's comments Tuesday, Cain issued additional race-related comments in connection to the harassment controversy.

"Do you think that race, being a strong black conservative, has anything to do with the fact you've been so charged?  And if so, do you have any evidence to support that?" Charles Krauthammer asked the presidential candidate in an interview Tuesday night.

"I believe the answer is yes," Cain replied. "But we do not have any evidence to support it."

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