Democrats’ first 2012 ad to air in Spanish

Chris Moody
Political Reporter
The Ticket

The Democratic National Committee announced its first ad buy for the 2012 presidential election cycle, with a Spanish-language television spot aimed at Hispanic voters in what are traditionally swing states.

Entitled "En quien confiar," or "In whom you can trust," the ad hits Republicans for voting on a proposal to overhaul Medicare and touts President Obama's record of increasing spending on health care and student loans.

"Behind the ads that pretend to care about our children, it's the Republicans who would end the Medicare guarantee while protecting tax cuts for the very rich. It was the president who extended health insurance for our children, financial aid for students and tax cuts for the middle class," the ad says in Spanish. "We know who to trust, and who we can't. Because it's our job to protect our families."

Democrats will air the spot in New Mexico, Nevada, Florida, Colorado and the District of Columbia, Politico reports.

The announcement comes just days after two Republican groups unveiled major ad buys in Spanish markets, which will air in the same areas over the next few weeks. The Republican State Leadership Committee this week launched a nationwide effort this week to recruit Hispanic candidates to run for office.

Hispanics, the fastest-growing demographic in the country, are expected to be a major electoral force in the coming years. The Hispanic population increased by 15.2 million from 2000-2010, and the group makes up about 16 percent of the nation's total population, according to the United States Census Bureau.