Democrats are really not thrilled about 2012

In a potentially bad sign for President Obama's re-election chances, nearly half of Democrats say they are not exactly excited about voting in the upcoming 2012 elections.

A new Gallup Poll finds Democrats literally split in their feelings about next year's elections: 45 percent are "more enthusiastic" to compared to past elections while 44 percent say they are "less enthusiastic."

By comparison, roughly 6 in 10 Republicans are excited about the upcoming elections, compared to just 30 percent who say they are "less enthusiastic."

According to Gallup, the current disparity between Democrats and Republicans on election enthusiasm is the largest they've measured in more than a decade.

It's also massively different than just four years ago, when Democrats led Republicans by more than 40 percent at one point on the question of which party was more excited about voting.

That's not a great sign for Obama and other Democrats up for re-election next year, as voter enthusiasm is usually a reliable sign of which party will turn out at the polls and who won't.