Doctors: Clinton making ‘excellent progress’ in treatment for blood clot

(Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)
(Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is "making excellent progress" recovering from a blood clot in her head that was discovered during a medical examination, her doctors said Monday. But Clinton remains hospitalized until a proper medication level is established, they said.

A day after announcing that Clinton had been admitted to a New York hospital for treatment of a blood clot related to a concussion she sustained, State Department spokesman Philippe Reines on Monday released a statement from Drs. Lisa Bardack and Gigi El-Bayoumi offering further detail on Clinton's condition and how it was first diagnosed.

"In the course of a routine follow-up MRI on Sunday, the scan revealed that a right transverse sinus venous thrombosis had formed. This is a clot in the vein that is situated in the space between the brain and the skull behind the right ear. It did not result in a stroke, or neurological damage," the statement said.

To help dissolve this clot, her medical team began treating the Secretary with blood thinners. She will be released once the medication dose has been established," the statement continued. "In all other aspects of her recovery, the Secretary is making excellent progress and we are confident she will make a full recovery. She is in good spirits, engaging with her doctors, her family, and her staff."

In mid-December, the State Department announced Clinton had suffered a concussion after fainting at home. She has not been seen publicly for several weeks, but was scheduled to return to work shortly.

Clinton is expected to step down from her post later in January. President Barack Obama has name Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry as his choice to succeed Clinton.

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