Democratic Rep. Ellison launches into tirade on Fox News (VIDEO)

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison exploded during a live interview with Sean Hannity on Tuesday, calling the Fox News host the "worst excuse for a journalist I've ever seen" and a "shill for the Republican Party."

The Minnesota congressman was on the program to discuss President Barack Obama's remarks on the sequester when he launched into a tirade aimed at Hannity, who had said "The president is more concerned with fearmongering than finding a solution to the problem he created."

"Quite frankly, you are the worst excuse for a journalist I have ever seen," Ellison told Hannity, who said he couldn't hear him. "You heard me."

Ellison then accused Hannity of "yellow journalism."

"Every journalistic ethic I've ever heard of was just violated by you," Ellison said. "For you to say the president is to blame here is ridiculous."

When Ellison called Hannity a "shill" for the GOP, the Fox News host tried to correct him. "I'm a registered conservative," Hannity said. "Keep ranting."

Ellison did, and Hannity eventually ended the interview.

"Congressman, you are a total waste of time," Hannity said. "We're moving on, because our audience deserves better."