Embattled IRS part of House GOP attack ad campaign

·Political Reporter

A House Republican group is launching an ad campaign against four incumbent Democrats this week that aims to tie the lawmakers to the Internal Revenue Service, a government agency under scrutiny after officials admitted earlier this month to targeting conservative groups applying for nonprofit status.

The National Republican Congressional Committee will dispatch trucks to drive around the districts of Democratic Reps. Ann Kirkpatrick and Ron Barber of Arizona, Collin Peterson of Minnesota and John Barrow of Georgia on Tuesday with versions of this billboard:

Under the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, and which will be fully implemented next year, the tax collecting agency is tasked with implementing and enforcing many of the key provisions.

Although the ad doesn't mention that the IRS placed increased scrutiny on conservative organizations that applied for nonprofit status between 2010-2012, the message about the health care law is likely to resonate with voters who have heard only negative news about the agency in recent weeks.