George Pataki thinks only George Pataki can beat Obama in 2012

Former New York Gov. George Pataki said Thursday he's not sure if any of the current field of GOP presidential hopefuls can beat President Obama in 2012.

But according to New Hampshire's WMUR-TV, Pataki suggested he knows someone who might be able to win back the White House for the GOP. That person, he said, is George Pataki.

"I'm seriously thinking about running," he said, adding that his decision will come "very soon."

The ex-governor has been hinting for months that he's considering a White House bid. As The Ticket previously reported, Pataki said in June that he felt increasingly "compelled" to jump into the race.

His comments came just days after he visited Iowa, where he addressed a local business group on the subject of the debt crisis. He was in New Hampshire, addressing the same subject at a forum at St. Anselm's College.

He told reporters there he feels the current flock of 2012 hopefuls isn't doing enough to address and offer solutions to the debt crisis.

"A Republican has to make as part of their campaign how they're going deal with the deficit and debt issue," he told NBC's Jo Ling Kent. "We have to have solutions. So far, I haven't heard that. I'm certainly looking to see if someone has that plan in the tone of their campaign."

It's not immediately clear who would constitute Pataki's base in the race. The former governor has not registered in most early 2012 primary polling.